Each day at work is similar. It’s the people, teeth and objects on the other end of the lens that change. Sometimes the interiors and exteriors change as well. It is usually many hours at the studio and with the patient, by the dental chair, when I process my photos. It is also a time of taking portraits, postproduction, retouching, conducting the Fine Art project and commercial photography projects commissioned by my clients and friends both in the country and abroad. In my work I do not make compromises – though it is not impossible to make excellent photos by candlelight, I prefer solutions that work best and that I find most comfortable. After years of experience I carefully select equipment for every project: commercial, artistic and dental – from with Hi-Res cameras (full frame or medium format), through lighting, to setting up the studio or clinic for dental photography purposes.



My workshop: how I work, what I work with and why? • Equipment: selection and achievable effects. • Photographic records quality. • Habits – ones to follow and ones to definitely get rid of. • Dental, portrait and product photography - facts and myths. • The ergonomics of working with the camera and photo equipment – preparing the dental office and staff training. • The patient – what to do and say before a photoshoot. • Working with the patient: by the dental chair and in the studio. • Communicating with the technician. Preparation and presentation of your work.

1 Day Workshops / 1 Day Online Workshop
Lightshaping / Portrait / Dental / 12 hours
600.- euro
1 Day Workshops / 1 Day Online Workshop
Postproduction / Portrait / Dental / 12 hours
600.- euro

3 Days Workshops / 3 Days Online Workshops
One on One / Complete Program
3000.- euro
 7 Days Workshops
Complete Program for your practice 
5000.- euro



Dates of workshops can be set individually. 


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