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He has been involved in photography for over 20 years. Unique and extremely valuable from the photographer's point of view experience in the field of photographic preparation and post-production as well as advertising and functional graphics is the result of several years of work in a printing house and cooperation with many advertising and public relations agencies, with whom he co-created countless projects in the area of ​​photography, printing, graphics, advertising and PR. In the dental industry for 20 years. For 2 years, PR & Marketing Director in one of the largest dental laboratories in the country at that time. For 17 years associated with the implantology industry. The owner of Art Oral Adrian Jebara. He created and for several years ran the Art Oral Dental Clinic in Warsaw.

He specializes in professional dental photography, commercial portrait photography as well as product, content and Fine Art photography. He comprehensively creates original campaigns for social media, and also copywriting. He conducts lectures and trainings in dental photography, product and portrait photography for doctors and dental technicians as part of Fine Art Photography - Dental & Portrait - well-known and highly appreciated international photo workshops. As a photographer, he works with doctors, companies and art galleries in Poland and abroad. Prepares photographic documentation, deals with post-production and graphic production. For the purposes of his own work, he created the concept of Contentualism - the art of content. He has been cooperating with Profoto for years. In photography, he greatly appreciates imagination, precision and intelligence, as well as courage in creating unique and authentic things.

He conducts trainings and lectures in Poland and abroad as part of his original workshops Fine Art Photography - Dental & Portrait by Adrian Jebara. Powered by Profoto.




Commercial photography: portrait / product / advertising / content / prints / www.




Lectures / Presentations / Publications.


Professional dental photography.


Preparation of practice for professional dental photography.


Consultation and technical advice on equipment.


Preparation of staff to work on creating photographic documentation.


Workshops and training.


Custom preparation of the highest quality medical / dental documentation, including for publication or presentation.


Content creation for the medical / dental industry. Social media campaigns etc.



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