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1. Medical Photographic Documentation: Dentistry  Maxillofacial Surgery / Aesthetic Medicine / Dental Laboratories


Do you need high-quality photographic documentation? You can order it from me. "Exhibition quality" photos for lectures, presentations, articles, campaigns, websites, social media, etc. Scope: dentistry / maxillofacial surgery / aesthetic medicine. Complete cases or individual stages.

Do you have valuable photos that you would like to use, but their quality raises doubts? I have already revived photos many times (especially those taken years ago) for various presentations, lectures, exams, etc. Most often, their quality can be improved significantly enough that they can be used for the intended purposes.

INFO: Phone: +48 602 329 390 Email:


​2. Audit / Consulting / Project / Equipment  Implementation / Training

Are you planning to equip your practice/laboratory with photographic/lighting equipment for dental/portrait/product photography? Are you planning to replace your existing equipment with new one? Would you like to fully utilize the photographic equipment you already have?

  • I will conduct an audit of the equipment you have - I will tell you how much it is worth

  • I will advise you whether to buy new equipment or stick to the existing one

  • I will explain why

  • I will assemble the best possible assortment within your budget (from budget to professional)

  • all activities related to the purchase and delivery of equipment will be carried out by specialists from companies cooperating with me - your role will be only to accept and pay the invoice.

  • I will explain where your new equipment will work best, e.g. studio lighting (even at the project stage)

  • I will implement your new/old equipment

  • I will thoroughly train you and/or your staff

INFO: Phone: +48 602 329 390 Email:


3. Tailored Content Materials, campaigns, concept, creation, copywriting. Website/Instagram/Facebook


4. Personal Branding


Phone: +48 602 329 390 Email:




Commercial photography: portrait/product/advertising/content.



UI/UX Design.


Professional dental photography.

Preparing a practice for professional dental photography.

Technical consultation and advice on equipment.

Preparing personnel to work on photographic documentation.

Workshops and training.

Creating high-quality medical/dental documentation to order, including for publication or presentation.

Creating content for the medical/dental industry. Social media campaigns, etc.


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